Reality-Based Fitness Progress Report!

August 6, 2009 at 4:51 pm | Posted in Training Facility News | 3 Comments

Today (Thursday, August 6, 2009), our rubber flooring for the new facility FINALLY arrived. We had orderd it weeks ago and were very relieved to have if arrive around 11 AM.  Patrick and I rolled it out so we can let it breath for a day before we cut it to fit our warehouse space. After that, we can bring in the equipment and begin seeing people starting on Monday. Here’s some photos we took today along with a little video after the flooring was all laid out!

flooring #1

Flooring #2

We plan on training clients out of RBF starting on Monday and will have a grand opening probably sometime in September after all of our equipment is in (some is on order right now and won’t arrive for a couple weeks). We’ll keep everyone updated!  Thanks and stay tuned for a great podcast coming up with Mike Boyle of hopefully within the next week!

Keats and Patrick



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  2. That looked practically easy!

    • Yea, it really wasn’t that bad!


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